FAIRNESS is your perception of impartial or just treatment or behaviour without favoritism or discrimination. It is your sense of justice.

It includes but is not limited other dimensions like diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, candour, transparency and integrity.

THE FEAR FACTOR linked to fairness is the fear of prejudice. The fear of injustice can be stimulated when you observe others being favoured or discriminated against “there but the grace of God, go I” or when you perceive a lack of transparency or communications when a situation arises “a cover up”



Candour. Everyone has a responsibility to both challenge and accept challenge when unfair behaviour or treatment of others is observed. turning a blind eye reinforces unfair behaviour and increases fear


Mutual respect To have respect for a person involves a fundamental belief in their right to exist, to be heard, and to have the same opportunities as everyone else. It is based on a shared belief in the benefits of diversity and inclusiveness


Consistency. In the absence of clear and transparent rules and communications, managers can be perceived as dealing with others inconsistently, demonstrating favoritism and discrimination.


Diversity. The unintended consequence of creating a strong culture and identity, is creating non-inclusive environments and a lack of diversity in the employee population. Creating cultural diversity and inclusion removes the fear of prejudice.