Neuroscience shows us that the AMYGDALA is the fear centre in the brain.

When stimulated by conditioned fears the amygdala creates a Fight, Flight, Face or Fawn response that move people to a sense of safety.
While its intended is to protect us from danger, it interferes with our functioning in the modern world where psychological fears are more prevalent than physical threats.
The term “amygdala hijacking” was coined by psychologist Daniel Goleman to refer to an immediate and intense emotional reaction that’s out of proportion to the situation.

When we feel fear, the release of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) affects our ability to think straight, which increases the fear factor.
When we feel safe our brains release dopamine (the “happy hormone”) and we want more! So we seek out ways to seek safety and eliminate our fears
Our SAFER model is based on five social domains that neuroscience has shown activate the same fear and safety responses in our brain that we rely on for physical survival.