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Sean Trainor, Founder

Since 2010 Sean has been an international business consultant having spent the previous 10 years as a senior leader of employee communications and engagement functions for major blue-chip companies in the UK. A professional engineer by background he cut his teeth in corporate communications in the nuclear industry during a period of significant industry change.

His passion for behaviour and culture change began almost 20 years ago when he pioneered behavioural safety in a nuclear manufacturing facility and experienced a direct correlation between business performance and culture. He has been on an experiential journey ever since, garnering key insights into what creates high performing teams to drive improved levels of performance, innovation and customer experience.

Having worked with many teams that are managed by fear, where leaders lack authenticity and exhibit executive hubris, where criticizing the boss is heresy and critical thinking is countercultural, the impact on the bottom line and reputation of the organisation is evident: project overruns, product quality,  customer complaints, productivity, safety incidents, and major corporate scandals.

Sean established Safe Places To Work as a global benchmark to hold a mirror up to organisations and inspire leaders to encourage employee voice.