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We are staring a black swan in the face.

  It is beyond normal expectations and is having a catastrophic impact.

COVID-19 has brought the health and safety of employees front of mind. 

As we readjust to new ways of working remotely, health and safety has become more psychological than physical. 


Three levels of protection

Your Psychological Safety is protected by: Your Company, Your Boss and Your Team

Your Company

Your company enables Psychological Safety by acting with integrity, transparency and responsibility. Always innovating.

Your Boss

Your boss encourages Psychological Safety by being authentic, empathetic and appreciative. Always listening.

Your Team

Your team engages in Psychological Safety by being inclusive, supportive and challenging.  Always learning.

Join the movement!

A simple 30-question survey provides local insights and global benchmarking for organisations that take their people seriously.

You can only manage what you measure. Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. 

Psychological Safety counts and can be counted, measured and managed. What are you waiting for?

We celebrate and share best practice annually on International Safe Places To Work Day  on 24/7.



 to create a Safe Place To Work?

Conduct the global benchmark and receive actionable insights on how to improve Psychological Safety in your group